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Modeled after the tick species Ixodes, a tiny arachnid that is responsible for causing Lyme disease infections throughout the Northern Hemisphere, this lapel pin is guaranteed disease-free. Ixodes is a member of the hard tick family (Ixodidae), distinguished by the fact that they are hard to crush. Ticks find their animal and bird hosts by scent, warmth and vibrations. After attaching to the host, they begin sucking blood and can become engorged up to 600 times their normal weight. This blood meal is necessary for their development and reproduction. Ticks can, however, transmit bacteria, viruses and protozoa to their hosts causing serious diseases including Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, meningoencephalitis and babesiosis, an infection similar to malaria.

The pin is approximately 2 cm in diameter and ships with a butterfly clasp to attach it to a lapel or jacket.

The pin is 3D printed in solid sterling silver, bronze or 14K gold plated brass.

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Ontogenie jewelry is 3D printed in wax and then cast in solid sterling silver, solid brass and solid bronze as well as gold-plated brass. The silver and bronze pieces, and to a lesser extent brass, will tarnish and discolor slightly over time. This is completely normal for these materials. Since moisture tends to accelerate the tarnishing process, I recommend that you don't wear the jewelry in water, e.g., while bathing, showering or swimming. The oils in your skin will also contribute to tarnishing. I recommend polishing the jewelry with a soft cloth after wear and storage in a dark, dry place to slow the oxidation which causes tarnish.

If the jewelry should tarnish, I've found that it can be returned to its original brilliance and color by using a gentle, nonabrasive silver polish. The more detailed and highly textured pieces will be more difficult to polish because of surface variations. To polish these, I recommend using a very soft toothbrush with the silver polish to allow cleaning of small crevices. After polishing, you can remove excess polish by rinsing the jewelry in water and then washing the piece in with a gentle detergent followed by a final water rinse.

xenopus frog lapel pin bronze

The gold-plated materials, however, should not be vigorously polished as the plating is likely to wear off over time. The gold-plated materials are much less susceptible to tarnishing and will probably never need to be polished.

All of the jewelry should be protected from impact against hard surfaces as this could cause scratches. 

Tick Lapel Pin [Ontogenie Science Jewelry] arthropod
Tick Lapel Pin [Ontogenie Science Jewelry] arthropod
Tick Lapel Pin [Ontogenie Science Jewelry] arthropod
Tick Lapel Pin [Ontogenie Science Jewelry] arthropod
Tick Lapel Pin [Ontogenie Science Jewelry] arthropod
Tick Lapel Pin [Ontogenie Science Jewelry] arthropod