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Punk Rock Science: how a spiky Radiolarian came to be a bestseller

Hands down the most popular item at Ontogenie is the Spumellaria design. Available in pendants, earrings and a desk sculpture, this design seems to captivate my customers more than any of my other pieces. The unusual concentric sphere structure of the Polycystinea class of Radiolaria, stabilized with interconnecting spikes (called spicules), was one of my first challenges when I decided to start designing 3D-printed scientific jewelry three years ago. It became my holy grail; if I can do this one, I told myself, then I can tackle any elaborate pattern that nature throws at me. Polycystine Radiolaria have been with us for 500 million years and their siliceous shells are a major component of the sediment on the bottom of...

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Welcome to Ontogenie

Welcome to Ontogenie's new home on the internet! I've converted my former site to an online shop to make it easier for my customers to find me and easier for them to purchase my jewelry. Take a look around and let me know what you think in the comments! And now for a few words on the origin of my business name. 'Ontogenie' is the German spelling of ontogeny, the developmental history of an organism. On the facade of the Phyletisches Museum in Jena, Germany, you will find the words 'ontogenie' and 'phylogenie' interwoven into a tree. The Phyletisches Museum was gifted to the University of Jena in 1908 by Prof. Dr. Ernst Haeckel on the occasion of the 350th...

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