Prototypes in the pipeline

Once the holiday sales have slowed and the gray days of winter have settled over central Germany, it's time for me to start designing new pieces to add to my collections. I maintain a list of customer suggestions consisting of some ideas that I want to work on immediately, and some that have been sitting on that list for a while because they haven't motivated me (yet). I also keep my own mental list of things I want to do. Somehow out of this assortment of influences and many hours of vertex pushing, I manage to generate some prototypes.

The image below is a computer render of 5 different designs that have been sent off for printing in nylon plastic. When I receive them, I'll decide whether the designs need to be tweaked a bit or whether they're ready for a print run in the final material.


Do you know what they are? I won't leave you in suspense:

(1) is a rosette lichen bracelet, inspired by the genus Physcia.

(2) is a tie bar inspired by the king protea, Protea cynaroides.

(3) are Ceratium dinoflagellate earrings.

(4) is a pendant modeled after the fungus and model organism Aspergillus.

(5) are earrings based on the foraminiferan order Globigerinida.

Do you have a favorite genus, species, family or order of organisms that you haven't seen represented in my collection? Drop me a line at or leave a comment in the box below. I love hearing about what scientists are working on. You might just find your organism of choice making an appearance on my website.


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