Science Ink and Wash

Recently, I have been painting abstract versions of scientific subjects and offering them as art prints, printed t-shirts and printed mugs. As I've learned to paint and sketch, I've realized that I'm not a patient painter. I will never be a natural science illustrator who painstakingly recreates a biological creature in exacting detail. I appreciate the beauty of this form of art, but I'm striving for a looser, more expressive style.

cell nucleus watercolor



Cell Nucleus by Ontogenie




I try to make my science jewelry as accurate and true to the organism as possible. But, I'm going to warn you, my paintings are my chance to be free and abstract. I'm inspired by the aesthetic of urban sketching, of quickly capturing a scene with whatever artistic tools you have at hand and making the scene expressive, colorful, and lively. My preferred media at the moment are ink and watercolor. I ink first, loosely, and then I paint second, loosely and usually with bright colors.

dna in purple watercolor



DNA in Purple by Ontogenie



All of the products based on my paintings ship by print on demand from a printing company near you to reduce transit distances and transit time.

I'm just getting started, but I hope you love them. 

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