ascilla sponge earrings in polished silver
ascilla sponge earrings in gold-plated steel
ascilla sponge drawing by Ernst Haeckel

Sponge 'Ascilla' Earrings

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These earrings are inspired by the marine sponge, Ascilla. Ascilla is a tubular branched sponge currently known as Leucoselenia.  Multiple sponge stalks are anchored by one common root to the ocean floor. The stalks take up water through microscopic holes on their surface and expel it through a hole on the end of the stalk, like a mass of fire hoses. Ernst Haeckel described it as “a racemose cane, whose slender stalks have the shape of a graceful urn.”

The earring is 3 cm long below the loop, and each earrings weighs 4.8 g.

The earrings are 3D printed in solid sterling silver, brass or bronze and finished with sterling silver, gold-plated silver or rose gold-plated silver hooks to match.

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