Scutoid Earrings [Ontogenie Science Jewelry] cell biology
Scutoid Earrings [Ontogenie Science Jewelry] cell biology
Scutoid Earrings [Ontogenie Science Jewelry] cell biology
Scutoid packing new scientist [Ontogenie Science Jewelry]

Scutoid Earrings

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These earrings are based on the newly discovered cellular shape referred to as a "scutoid." As described in Nature Communications 9: Article Number 2960 in July 2018, as organisms grow and develop, it is necessary for their epithelial cells to bend to accomodate complex three-dimensional structures. This bending is accomplished using a novel, never-before-described shape related to prisms. Because of their novel shape, scutoids are able to pack closely to each other as well as bend. These earrings also pack together, a dazzling trick to show your science nerd friends the next time you meet  in the local pub for a few beers.

Each earring is 1.3 cm ( 0.5 inch) long below the loop and 6 mm (0.24 inch) in diameter. Each earring weighs approximately 3g.

The earrings are available in sterling silver or 14K gold plated brass, finished with nickel-free sterling silver or gold plated silver hooks to match, and are ready for gift giving with a gift box, polishing cloth, and care instructions.

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