Kranz Leaf Anatomy Cuff Bracelet [Ontogenie Science Jewelry]
Kranz Leaf Anatomy Cuff Bracelet [Ontogenie Science Jewelry]
Kranz Leaf Anatomy Cuff Bracelet [Ontogenie Science Jewelry] Natural Unpolished Bronze, PU Coating

Kranz Leaf Anatomy Cuff Bracelet

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This cuff depicts the Kranz anatomy of leaves specialized for C4-type photosynthesis by monocots and some dicot plants. Shown as a cross-section of the leaf, thick layers of cells surround the vascular bundle forming a wreath ('Kranz' in German). It is in these cells surrounding the vascular bundle that the biochemical reactions of C4 photosynthesis occur. C4 photosynthesis is more efficient under certain environmental conditions, such as drought, resulting in more carbon fixation than C3 photosynthesis. This remarkable cuff was designed in collaboration with Dr. Jane Langdale.

The Kranz Leaf Anatomy Cuff can be printed in natural, unpolished bronze or sterling silver and is sized medium with circumference 17.45 cm, 6.1 cm long axis width, 4.95 cm short axis width, opening is 3 cm wide. It will be shipped ready for gift giving with a gift box, polishing cloth, and care instructions.

Please contact me for sizing information if you don't think this version will fit your wrist. I will be happy to work with you on creating a model that works for you.

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