Copepod Pendant Pendant [Ontogenie Science Jewelry] sterling silver 40 cm/16 in
Copepod Pendant Pendant [Ontogenie Science Jewelry]
Copepod Pendant Pendant [Ontogenie Science Jewelry]

Copepod Pendant

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This pendant depicts a female copepod, a tiny crustacean found in saltwater and freshwater environments. Depending on the species, copepods can be planktonic (floating in the water) or benthic (living in the sea bed). While some copepod mothers lay their eggs directly into the water, others carry them in sacs on their tails. My design is inspired by the order Cyclopoida, named because they have only a single large eye like the Greek giant cyclops. If you would prefer the male copepod, it is also available (just message me).

This pendant is 2 cm long below the loop.

The pendant is 3D printed in solid sterling silver, brass or bronze and finished with a sterling silver, gold-plated silver or rose gold-plated silver anchor chain to match.

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