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The Archaeopteryx pendant illustrates an important fossil with features of both birds and lizards. Like birds, Archaeopteryx had opposable toes, a wishbone and feathers. Its neck curved in a gentle S-shape like herons and egrets. Similar to dinosaurs, it had gastralia, i.e., free floating vertebrae in the trunk that are only seen in dinosaurs and modern day crocodiles. It had three fingers with claws extending from its wings, something birds do not have. Archaeopteryx had teeth, unlike birds. Finally, Archaeopteryx had a long bony tail to which its tail feathers were attached, whereas modern birds have a "pygostyle," a much reduced and fused caudal vertebra to support the tail feathers.

One of the most beautiful Archaeopteryx fossils ever discovered can be seen at the Naturkundemuseum Berlin. It has been called the "Mona Lisa of Fossils."

The Archaeopteryx pendant is 5.6 cm (2.2 inches) long below the loop. WARNING: The design has many pointy features so I am only offering it on a 60 cm (24 inch) chain so that it hangs on your shirt and not on your skin. Neverthless, please be careful when wearing this pendant as it could scratch your skin or snag your clothing. The interior wing is folded closer to the body of the Archaeopteryx than the outer wing to prevent it from scratching the wearer.

The pendant shown is 3D printed in solid bronze. Available also in 14K gold plated brass and sterling silver, and finished with a 60 cm long anchor chain to match. Please note that the silver and bronze versions of the pendant are only polished lightly to preserve fine details.

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