Hyalinea Foraminifera Pendant [Ontogenie Science Jewelry] Micropaleontology
Hyalinea Foraminifera Pendant [Ontogenie Science Jewelry] Micropaleontology
Hyalinea Foraminifera micrograph yanli lei [Ontogenie Science Jewelry]

Foraminifera Pendant: Hyalinea

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This pendant was inspired by the foraminifera genus Hyalinea, a member of the order Rotaliida in the kingdom Protista. The Rotaliida are benthic foraminifera (living on the sea bed) and are found in oceanic and estuarine environments. This order is also characterized by their "multilocular tests" meaning that their shells have multiple chambers. The genus name Hyalinea is derived from the Greek word "hyaline" which means glassy and transparent. The photo by Yanli Lei shows the glassiness of the Hyalinea shells.

Pendant measures 1.9 cm (0.75 inch) long below the loop and is 1.8 cm (0.7 inch) wide.

The pendant is 3D printed in 14K gold plated brass or sterling silver, finished with a 45 cm/18 inch long gold plated silver chain or silver chain to match, and is ready for gift giving with a gift box, polishing cloth, and care instructions. 

You can also purchase this pendant, without chain, at my Shapeways shop: Hyalinea Foraminifera Pendant

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