slug lapel pin deroceras reticulatum sterling silver
slug lapel pin deroceras reticulatum sterling silver

Slug Lapel Pin

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This lapel pin is modeled after the species Deroceras reticulatum, the grey field slug. Deroceras is native to Europe and is its most common slug species, but this slug is also found in North America, South America and parts of Asia. It prefers gardens and cultivated fields and is not found in forests. They are omnivorous, eating leaves, fruits, earthworms and dead slugs while they themselves are preyed upon by carabid beetles and hedgehogs.

The lapel pin is 3.9 cm (1.5 inches) long.

The pin is 3D printed in solid sterling silver and 14K gold plated brass and comes with a butterfly clasp to attach it to a lapel or jacket.

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