Neuron tie bar in polished brass
Neuron tie bar in polished brass
Neuron tie bar in polished brass
neuron cell diagram

Neuron Tie Bar

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Neurons are a critically important cell type in animals that allows communication between cells via electrical impulses. Electrical signals are received by the dendrites of the neuron and the signal is sent down the axon, across the synapse at the axon terminal, and on to the dendrites of an adjacent neuron. The speed of the signal is enhanced by the myelin sheath surrounding the Schwann cells of the axon.

This tie bar illustrates the dendrites, the neuron cell body, the myelin sheath and the axon terminal.

The Neuron Tie Bar is 4.3 cm long (1.7 inches) long and will fit securely to both layers of your tie plus the shirt placket.

It is 3D printed in solid sterling silver, bronze,14K goldplated brass or 14K gold plated brass.

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