Custom Designs

If you wish to have an existing design altered, i.e., a pendant design converted to earrings, a tie bar or a lapel pin, I am happy to do this at no extra charge.

If you have a design idea for me and are willing to give me the freedom to do it (or not) at my own pace and with my own artistic expression, there is no charge.

If you need a specific design, or you need it by a specific date, or you want to tell me exactly how to do it, or it's something I think I'll probably only sell one of (to you), this qualifies as a custom order and costs a flat rate of 400 Euro for my design time exclusive of print costs. The cost of the print itself will depend on its size, volume, and material.

I cannot accept exclusive designs at this time. If I design something for you, the world gets to see it and buy it if they wish.