Science gear is here!

I'm thrilled to announce that I've just launched a collection of science t-shirts. At the moment, I have twelve designs ready for sale including model organisms, some plankton designs, a geology design and a plant cell. I will be adding more in the upcoming weeks. I have lots of ideas for new subjects, but you're always welcome to suggest organisms or scientific concepts that I can illustrate. 

 foraminiferan hantkening t-shirt in black girl in greenhouse

It took a while for me to find an artistic style that I liked and that fit my brand. Although I appreciate artists that create clever or funny sayings on t-shirts, I wanted to illustrate some of my favorite organisms and themes with clean graphic design. Showing off the beautiful patterns of nature is my superpower, after all. ;)

When you order a shirt, it will be printed on demand in either the USA or Europe, depending on where you live, and shipped to you directly. The unisex t-shirts are made of a light, buttery soft material (I've ordered three already and I love them). If you prefer a heavier shirt, though, let me know and I'll investigate alternatives.

And in case someone should ask where you got your awesome science shirt, my logo is printed discreetly on the inside of each shirt. Happy t-shirt shopping!



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