Pretty Little Boxes

ontogenie new packagingNew year, new packaging! I'm happy to present my new gray linen jewelry boxes, complete with my new logo stamped in gold metallic foil on the covers. If you haven't noticed, Ontogenie has undergone a major refresh in 2019, and these elegant boxes are part of that rebranding.

If you've ordered something from me in the past, you received your jewelry in a brown paper box filled with wood shavings. While I was proud of how how eco-friendly these boxes were, the shavings tended to leave a lot of dust on the jewelry and it was always a bit messy to fill the boxes with the shavings. On top of that, attaching the jewelry to the cards and having it stay where I put it without it sliding around was nearly impossible. The new boxes have black foam inserts for securely holding the jewelry so that it arrives in your hands looking exactly as it did when it left my workshop.

I have three sizes of the boxes in stock, accomodating most of my pieces. The exception is the large bracelets which will still be packaged in my old Ontogenie paper boxes until I run out of them.

I'm looking forward to sending out orders in this beautiful packaging. Props to Westpak in Denmark for a smooth ordering process and a high quality product at a reasonable price.

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