Customizable Data Jewelry

Ontogenie is now offering customizable data jewelry inspired by your research. Do you have a favorite graph or chart that sums up your main discoveries? Why not have a pendant or tie clip designed just for you that visualizes it? This scientifically personalized jewelry would make a great gift for a finishing PhD student or to celebrate your first big grant, tenure, or getting a manuscript accepted into your reach-for-it journal of choice.

Customized chart pendant ontogenie science jewelryCustomized line chart pendant ontogenie science jewelryCustomized bubble chart pendant ontogenie science jewelry

I've designed a few scientific data jewelry pieces for illustration purposes but the possibilities are potentially endless. Some data may not be suitable for this sort of visualization, but I'll do my best. The images shown are computer renders. Most of the pendant designs are approximately 2.5 cm to 3.5 cm long below the loop and the tie clip is 4 cm wide.

Customized scatter plot pendant ontogenie science jewelryCustomized bar graph tie clip ontogenie science jewelryCustomized box and whisker pendant ontogenie science jewelry

Here's how it works: you can either (1) place your order and then send me the image of your data, or (2) if you're not sure whether your data are easily translatable into a jewelry design, send me the image first at and we can discuss how it could look. Before I order the final piece, I will send you a computer render for approval.

I look forward to seeing all of your fabulous personalized scientific jewelry!

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