Science Jewelry spumellaria radiolarian earrings in brass
Science Jewelry :spumellaria radiolarian earrings in brass
Science jewelry: spumellaria radiolarian earrings in brass
spumellaria radiolaria drawing ernst haeckel

Spumellaria Radiolarian Earrings

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These earrings are based on Spumellaria, a type of Radiolaria. Radiolaria are aquatic protozoan life forms that develop a fantastically intricate silica-containing shell. The sea floor is composed of their microscopic fossilized skeletons. The Radiolarian 'Spumellaria' is defined by its elaborate sphere-within-a-sphere construction. The delicate spines on the shell are important for the buoyancy of the plankton during its lifetime, but break off when the shell is deposited in the sea bed. This design was inspired by a drawing by the German naturalist, Prof. Ernst Haeckel.

The earrings are approximately 1.6 cm in diameter, including spikes, and each earrings weighs 1.5 g.

The earrings are 3D printed in solid sterling silver, brass or bronze and finished with sterling silver, gold-plated silver or rose gold-plated silver hooks to match.

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