Science Jewelry: leaf anatomy cuff
Science Jewelry: Dicot leaf anatomy cuff in metallic plastic
Science Jewelry: leaf anatomy cuff
Dicot Leaf Cross-section micrograph

Leaf Anatomy Bracelet

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How well do you know your plant leaf anatomy? Wear this cuff to show off your knowledge of dicot leaf anatomy, or use it as a study guide for your next botany exam. All of the important leaf tissues are represented: the upper and lower epidermis, palisade parenchyma with chloroplasts, spongy parenchyma, vascular bundles with xylem and phloem and the stomata with accompanying guard cells. Even if you're not a plant biologist, this striking cuff bracelet is a true statement piece.

To choose your size, measure your wrist above the wrist bone with a tape measure and consult this chart:

Small = 15 cm elliptical circumference (54 x 41mm)

Medium = 16.6 cm circumference (60 x 45mm), will fit most

Large = 18.2 cm circumference (66mm x 49mm)

The jewelry is created by 3D printing using selective lasered sintering (SLS) in nylon plastic.