Bauhaus Pendant Pendant [Ontogenie Science Jewelry]
Bauhaus Pendant Pendant [Ontogenie Science Jewelry]
Bauhaus Pendant Pendant [Ontogenie Science Jewelry]

Bauhaus Pendant

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This pendant is an homage to one of the guiding principles of the Bauhaus architectural movement, that all objects can be formed by simple shapes, the triangle, circle and square. You can see these motifs in Walter Gropius' houses, Marianne Brandt's teapot, Wassily Kandinsky's paintings and in the works of many other Bauhaus artists. In 1923, Kandinsky, an instructor at the Bauhaus school, distributed a questionnaire asking which of the primary colors should represent each of these basic forms. The consensus was that the triangle should be assigned the color yellow, the circle blue and the square red. These motifs became an enduring symbol of the Bauhaus. In honor of this revolutionary artistic movement, which celebrates its 100th birthday in 2019, I've designed a pendant incorporating a triangle, circle and square. This jewelry is printed in interlocking cast metal so that the circle and square swing freely in relation to the triangle.

The pendant is 2.2 cm (0.9 inches) long below the loop. The pendant is 3D printed in interlocking solid sterling silver, bronze or brass and finished with a sterling silver or goldplated sterling silver anchor chain to match.

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