model organism wine charms in pink nylon plastic
model organism wine charms in pink nylon plastic
Nylon Plastic colors, 3D-printing

Model Organism Wine Charms

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Having a party with your scientist friends? Now you can keep track of which wine glass belongs to whom without taking DNA samples and doing PCR! These wine charms fit perfectly on the stem of most wine glasses thanks to the slight flexibility of the laser-sintered nylon plastic. The nylon plastic comes in several bright fun colors but you'll have to choose one, or else buy multiple sets for multiple colors. In the unlikely event that the party gets a little slow, there's an added bonus: with the magic of 3D-printing, the creatures move freely on their loop around the stem holder so they're fun to play with. Makes a perfect host/hostess gift.

The organism part of the charm measures about 3.5cm long. Due to the production method, there will be two small white dots on the underside of the stem loop of the colored charms where the charm has been clipped off a central support bar. The dots are not visible when the charm is on the wine glass.

Although dishwasher safe, it's recommended that you wash this material by hand with a mild detergent. The charms are not food safe (i.e., it would be best if your cat didn't eat them). They could be a choking hazard for toddlers, but you know that already because you're a good parent.