Science jewelry: coccolithophore lapel pin in bronze
Science jewelry: coccolithophore lapel pin in bronze
Coccolithus pelagicus micrograph

Coccolithus Lapel Pin

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The Coccolithus cufflinks are based on the complicated structures of coccolithophores, specifically Coccolithus pelagicus. The shell of this unicellular phytoplankton is composed of interlocking plates, called coccoliths, composed of calcium carbonate. Occasionally, huge increases in coccolithophore populations, called 'coccolithophore blooms' are evident as massive patches of turquoise color in the ocean that can be seen in satellite photos of the earth. Although blooms appear to be happening more frequently with global warming, the carbon fixation by coccolithophores could potentially reduce carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere and therefore counteract the effects of global warming.

The head of the lapel pin is approximately 1.2cm by 1.4cm and the stem is curved so that the head lays flat on the shirt cuff.

The lapel pin is 3D printed in solid sterling silver, bronze or brass.

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