sterling silver foraminifera baculogypsina star sand pendant
baculogypsina foraminifera star sand pendant rose gold plated
Baculogypsina Foraminifera Pendant

Baculogypsina Foraminifera Pendant

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This star-shaped pendant is inspired by the foraminifera Baculogypsina, a single-celled marine organism with a calcium-containing shell. This creature provides the whimsical star-shaped shells of the star sand beaches of Japan. Whereas some species of Baculogypsina are extinct and can be found in pre-Cambrian fossil layers, other species of this genus still populate our oceans. Baculogypsina was drawn by Ernst Haeckel as a perfectly symmetrical 5-pointed star, but in nature these creatures usually have a jaunty, irregular shape, often with more than 5 points.

The pendant is 2 cm (0.8 inches) in diameter below the loop.

The pendant is 3D printed in solid sterling silver, bronze, or 14K gold plated brass and finished with a sterling silver, rose gold-plated silver or gold-plated silver anchor chain to match.

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