Science Jewelry: mass spectrum cuff in purple nylon plastic, 3D-printed
Science Jewelry: mass spectrometry cuff in purple nylon plastic, 3D-printed
3D-printable SLS nylon plastic colors

Mass Spectrum Cuff

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This cuff bracelet depicts a mass spectrum, a graphical representation of the data generated when a molecule or peptide is ionized by an analytical technique called mass spectrometry. Each peak in a mass spectrum represents a fragment with a different mass-to-charge ratio, and the pattern of these peaks is a unique signature for particular molecular structures allowing scientists to identify molecules in their samples. This funky bracelet can be worn by men, women, chemists, biochemists, science nerds or anyone.

To choose your size, measure your wrist above the wrist bone with a tape measure and consult this chart:

Small = 15 cm elliptical circumference (54 x 41mm)
Medium = 16.6 cm circumference (60 x 45mm), will fit most
Large = 18.2 cm circumference (66mm x 49mm)

The cuff is created by 3D printing using selective laser sintering (SLS) of nylon plastic.

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