Ontogenie Update

Change is in the air! I've recently made a few changes to Ontogenie to make the website easier to use and to keep up with recent changes in my 3D printing service. Here's what's happening:

1. FREE SHIPPING. That's right, order from almost anywhere in the world that I can ship to from Germany and your shipping is 100% free. Depending on your location, I ship with either DHL or UPS.

2. Chains, simplified. To streamline my inventory system, each pendant (except for Archaeopteryx*) is now offered with a 45 cm/18 inch chain. This size fits most humans and is now the default length. If you want a different length, let me know. I will keep other chain lengths in stock. All you have to do is leave a note at the checkout stage when you purchase and I will be happy to switch out the 45 cm chain for a different length. Would you prefer a leather band? I have some of those in stock as well.

*Archaeopteryx gets a longer 60 cm chain because I don't want its claws to lie on your bare neck and scratch you. Bird lizards can be dangerous.

3. Prices, oh my. Unfortunately, as with many raw materials during the pandemic, silver and other metal prices at my 3D printing service have increased signficantly and I've had no option but to adjust my prices to cover these material increases. I hope that the other postive changes at Ontogenie will soften the blow a bit. If my supplier should reduce their prices in the future, I will be certain to pass this on to my customers.

4. Your purchase includes: As always, all Ontogenie jewelry is ready for gift giving and includes a gift box, ribbon, and a polishing cloth. I will also be adding small cards with care instructions as soon as they arrive from my printer. For the sake of our oceans, I will continue to use as many recycleable packaging materials as possible.

5. Extras. Some of you have asked for species information sheets to include with your gift giving and I think that's a fantastic idea. I will be implementing this as soon as possible. By the end of the year, I hope to have species information sheets written and available as a downloadable PDF for most listings.

As an independent artisan in a niche business, I appreciate every sale and every communication with my science-minded customers. I feel privileged to have such intelligent movers and shakers as my clientele, and I hope that I can keep bringing new designs that delight you.

Peace and Love and Science,




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