Augmented Reality Shopping

I'm excited to announce that I've added two new features to Ontogenie product listings: 3D jewelry model visualization and augmented reality (AR). 

3D Jewelry Visualization

3D visualization allows you to rotate the jewelry in three dimensions and view it from all sides. Occasionally I'm asked "but what does the reverse side of this pendant look like?" Now, you'll be able to rotate it for yourself and see.  Take a look at this screenshot from the Lascaux Horse Pendant product images.

At the end of each row of product images, there is an image with a 3D cube overlay. Click on this image and you can now move the model in three dimensions with your mouse, or if you're on your phone, with your finger. This function works on both mobile and desktop. I've tried it out in both the Firefox and Chrome browsers, and it worked nicely. Here's a video showing 3D visualization of the Lascaux Horse model:

Lascaux 3D model visualization from Kimberly Falk on Vimeo.


Augmented Reality (AR)

AR will allow you to superimpose an image of an Ontogenie science jewelry model in your personal space, i.e. on your desk, in your kitchen, on your lab bench, or even on a tree outside. Here's how it works: With your phone, go to the same image in the product listing with the 3D cube but this time click on "View in your space" below the image. You will now see a slightly transparent model on your camera with your room as the background. When you start interacting with the model, it will turn solid. You can make it larger or smaller by pinching it and you can move it around the space with your finger. spumellaria pendant on desk in augmented reality

The augmented reality features works best if you are using the Safari browser on an iPhone, iOS 12 or higher. If you have an Android phone, try downloading the Scene Viewer app. Currently, the AR viewer only allows back-facing camera views. Your view of the model will therefore be in the space in front of you. A front-facing selfie view is technically not possible at this time, but I hope it will be available soon. If you have a friend who's willing to help you out, though, you can have them aim the camera at you, position the 3D pendant model on your neck and snap the photo! 

I will eventually be adding 3D models to all of my product listings, but for now, here are a few selected products that already have 3D and AR capability:

Ammonite Fossil Necklace

Anglerfish Necklace

Large Arabidopsis Necklace

Dickinsonia Fossil Necklace

Spumellaria Necklace Large

Enjoy! If you run into problems, drop me a mail at and I will try to help. --Kimberly


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